Your Living NightmareEdit

Your Living Nightmare is a regular user on USA msp. She is level 75 (Jaunty Movie Star). She is the leader of a popular group called 'Scream Team'. This group is about being scary, and how it shouldnt be wrong to look different and scary.

About Edit

She is known well for scream team. Her main user is on USA and is Your Living Nightmare. She has many accounts on many different servers. She has started drama with the USA user Lushhh. Mostly because Lushhh is a hacked account. She wants the original owner to get Lushhh (or $hortmovies) back. She stated in one of her videos that Lushhh is trying to get Jes's (Your Living Nightmare/YLN) fans to join Lushhh's side by gifting and messageing them.

Appearance Edit

She has the VIP only green skin, black VIP lips, the VIP 'Vampire' Eyes and things for Scream Team. They are sadly not in shops anymore, and if you have them, consider them rares. She makes a colour-coded look for each theme and movie.

EDIT: Yes, I found them in shops, 'Face Off' Costs 500 and is non-vip, and The Bloody Lips are vip and cost 350 if im correct.

Trivia Edit

  • Your Living Nightmare's real name is Jes
  • Her accounts are:
  • TURKISH & FINNISH: Jestiquexo
  • SPANISH: Jesi Bearxo
  • NEW ZEALAND MSP: Night Terror
  • US: Your Living Nightmare
  • CA: ! Your Living Nightmare !
  • UK: > Your Living Nightmare <
  • Her youtube is 'Your Living Nightmare MSP'
  • On her youtube descriptions, she states all her account.
  • She stated that if you support Lushhh, consider yourself banned from Scream Team

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